• The ISOB platform enables stakeholders, employees and shareholders in an ISOB-listed startup to connect with potential investors registered on the Site looking for opportunities to sell and/or buy existing stakes in Israeli startups. 

    For employees and shareholders in ISOB - registered companies:
    • Employees and shareholders can disclose their wish to sell interests in a startup and the startup's consent to this disclosure.
    • Potential investors registered on the ISOB Site can disclose their wish to buy stakes in a certain startup registered on the Site.
    • The Site enables potential investors to connect with potential sellers to negotiate a deal, without any additional involvement of ISOB.
    • The connection and identity of the parties may be open or confidential.
    The ISOB platform enables stakeholders in startups, emploees and shareholders to connect with potential ISOB-registered Investors in order to finance the exercise of their interests in ISOB - regestered companies and enables them to:
    • Exercise options allotted to employees to buy shares in a company.
    • Exercise their preemptive right to participate in a new financing round offered to new shareholders.
    • Exercise their share in a company's rights offering.   ​

    ISOB for employees and shareholders – how does it work?
    • In peer-to-peer transactions, ISOB enables the parties to mutually expose their identity and to negotiate and finalize the transaction. 
    For further details, please write to us at:

     Commissions charged by ISOB:  
    • For employees in ISOB-registered companies - no charge.
    • For ISOB-registered investors - 3% plus VAT of the total transaction amount.