ISOB the Israeli Start-ups and High Growth Opportunities Platform Board Ltd., Israeli company number: 51-5079697  which its address is: 17 Haarba'a St. Tel Aviv.  operating this site URL: (hereinafter:  the "Company" or "ISOB") wishes to explain in this document its policy for protecting the privacy of users of the website it manages and operates at (hereinafter:  the "Users" and the "Site" ).
    Following is a description of the Company's policy, applying to Users of the Company's Site and pertaining to the Company's practices on handling details and information of Users, and how the Company and third parties are authorized to use it.
    This Privacy Policy is worded in the masculine gender for the sake of convenience only, but relates to men and women alike.
    This Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the Site are an integral part of the Site use.  Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the Site, since by using the Site and/or performing any action, including visiting and surfing the Site, the User gives its unqualified consent to these privacy instructions and the Terms of Use of the Site.
    ISOB reserves its right, at its sole discretion, to modify the terms of this policy from time to time. The up-to-date and effective version of the Privacy Policy is published on the Site from time to time, and Site Users are required to monitor at their own initiative whether the terms of the privacy policy have been modified before using and/or conducting a transaction of any kind on the Site or a transaction outside the Site, which steams from use of this Site. Continued use of the Site following a modification of the Terms of Use of the Site constitutes full consent of the Terms of Use of the Site following the changes.
    If the User does not consent to the Terms of Use of the Site, he is asked to cease using the Site.
    Use of the Site is intended for Users over the age of 18. If the User is under the age of 18, he is requested to cease all use of the Site.
    Unless defined otherwise in this Privacy Policy, the terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meaning as the definitions assigned to them in the Company's Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy should be read together with the Terms of Use of the Site. Note that in the event of a contradiction between this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the Site, the provisions of the Terms of Use of the Site, as published from time to time on the Site, shall prevail.
    Any use of the Site and certain services provided on or through the Company's Site require the submission of minimal information and/or pre-registration and entering, inter alia, details on the User (hereinafter: "details on the User"). Among other things, this involves details the User independently enters, such as name, home address, amount of the investment  the User wishes to make, nature of transactions and securities in which the User has expressed an interest and/or services he requests to use or provide, whichever is applicable, suitable methods of communication with the User, including email address, and information collected while surfing on the Company Site, which is of a purely statistical natures and does not personally identify the User, or is kept together with his details. For example, the pages the User visited, offers and services which interested him, IP address from which the User contacted the Site and user agent.  
    Without submitting the requested User details, one cannot register for the services or applications which require registration.
    The details and information about the User will be used by the Company for carrying out the Site activity: a start-ups and high growth opportunities platform, for tailoring the service to the User, improving the Site and the platform, managing the users' accounts, refunding money if necessary, publishing content on the services offered by the Company, making communications with the Users regarding the Site activity, analysis of the Site usage, marketing research, planning of projects, verification of details, anti-fraud protection, etc., everything at the Company's sole discretion.
    These abovementioned actions will be performed by the Company and/or by external service providers.
    Content to be published by the Users on the Site may be exposed to other Users, as the case may be. The User must take this into account when providing his details on the Site. The Company is not responsible for any use of the information by third parties.
    Since the purpose of the Site is to create a network of its various users, it should be clarified that the Company will transfer information on the various users to other users to facilitate the Site activity, as described in the Terms of Use of the Site, everything at the Company's discretion.
    The Company may divulge information on users, as necessary, at ISOB's discretion, in order to comply with any authority or legal requirement, and to the extent necessary in order to enforce ISOB's own rights, enforce the Terms of Use of the Site for the sake of protection, protection of rights and/or to prevent damage to the Company or to any third party.
    Information on users is kept by the Company in its database, whether directly by the Company or by service providers.
    Entering the site calls for using a password (one or more) in order to receive authorization to view various content on the Site. The User must keep his password secret, not share it with others, not allow others to use the Site with his password, and is advised to use a password that is not easy to guess and which should be changed from time to time.
    Neither the Site and/or the Company and/or anyone acting on their behalf undertakes that the Site services and the data stored in it and/or through it will be completely immune to hacking or any other form of attack, including exploiting of  information for third party needs without consent. The Site uses cookies technology and similar technologies in order to assure the ongoing and sound operation of the Site (jointly hereinafter: "cookies"), including for the collection of statistical information on the Site Users, to verify information, to adapt the Site to the User's personal preferences and for information security purposes. The Company cannot completely secure the Company's computers and/or the Site's databases against hacking and prohibited use of the Site. Therefore, the User hereby declares that he shall not have any contention and/or demand and/or claim against the Company and/or anyone acting on the Company's behalf and/or its affiliates, as may be, from time to time, due to hacking and/or unauthorized access and/or disclosure of information and/or prohibited  use of information as a result of of said hacking, by virtue of this agreement, and/or the terms of use  and/or by law. Most of the browsers provide their users the ability to control the receipt and removal of cookies by changing the browser settings.
    Links to other sites may appear on the Site. Information regarding the site's users  use of these links is likely to be stored by the Site and/or other sites. The Site and/or the Company shall bear no responsibility for the content appearing on these links and their mere existence. Any use of these sites is at the User's sole responsibility. The service providers which the Company uses for hosting and operating the Site might position cookies files or other files on your computers for different purposes, including data collection  or in order to ask you directly to provide  information for authentication. The Company is not responsible for the service providers and their deliverables.
    The User is entitled to review information collected and kept by the Company under the site's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and under the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981. In addition, if the information in the Company's databases is used  for personally contacting the User, based on his belonging to a population group, which is determined by one or more characteristics of people included in the data base ("commercial solicitation"), the User may demand in writing that the information relating to him be deleted from the database, and this is in accordance with the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981. In such case, the Company will only delete information used to contact the User with the aforesaid commercial solicitations. Information required by the Company for managing its businesses, including documentation of commercial and other transactions executed by the User on the Company's Site, will continue to be stored by the Company by law, but will not be used for solicitation purposes.
    If you notice a link on or to the Site containing offensive content, including, inter alia, copyright violation,  privacy violation or any other violation of any governing law, should immediately report this to the Site management using the following email address:  The Company may remove contents from the Site at its sole discretion and subject to any law.
     Version December 21-2014