ISOB enables Startups to connect with mentors and business partners to enhance their business stratagy.  

  • ISOB is a platform that connects between registered investors and Israeli startups and high growth companies. It allows registered entrepreneurs and companies to access a database of experienced mentors and experts as well as business partners in Israel and abroad in order to assist its business development and guide each company to success.
    ISOB is an innovative online platform which stimulates rapid growth of private companies and startups. We enable any company or entrepreneur listed on the ISOB site to contact experts and business partners registered on the ISOB database. Enterprises can get advice and guidance, find professional services, seek joint ventures or exposure to a wide network of business contacts. The application is made directly through the website.

    Exclusive mentors.

    The skills and connections of the mentors are an important component in their ability to promote a startup’s business strategy. ISOB is therefore looking for mentors with experience as managers in startups and fast growing companies, experience in business development and international trading and cooperation, in conducting and implementing business strategies, conducting and completing capital raising, transactions, mergers and acquisitions, know-how and technology agreements and joint ventures, as well as with takeovers and the sale of companies. A major part of the mentor's remuneration is premised on reaching the company's milestones according to the business plan.  

    Who can join the pool of mentors, experts and ISOB business partners ?
    ISOB is looking for individuals, businesses, and enterprises who wish to use their skills and savvy to assist and work with startups and fast growing companies as professional experts, mentors or an advisory board. If you have extensive experience in technology R&D, business development, marketing,  corporate management and mentoring of companies we invite you to join us as a mentor and participate in the success of the new generation of companies in Israel. If you are a professional expert we invite you to join our business partners community and take part in their innovation.