• Interested in investing in a promising startup or fast-growing business with entrepreneurs who can lead a winning team, generate big business or create the next breakthrough? Sign up for ISOB!

    The ISOB Site is intended for registered investors who comply with one or more of the definitions of the First Schedule of the Israeli Security Law 5728 (1968)("Accredited Investor"). If you don't comply with the definition please click here

    The ISOB platform enables registered investors to screen and choose their investment in Israeli startups and high growth companies in an easy, fast and comprehensive process, free of charge and at no obligation. The ISOB platform, compiles exclusive business opportunities, provides registered investors the opportunity to invest in promising Israeli companies, before their big breakthrough or prior to a public offering, with a potential for generating high yields and significant profits.
    Investors registered on the ISOB platform include Israeli angel investors who are seeking new investment opportunities in Israeli startups and high growth companies. These investors are interested in applying their experience, business acumen and contacts to assist startups in making it big. The minimum amount to be invested by an investor in an investment opportunity is USD 30K or as determined by ISOB in certain cases.
    Registration for inclusion in the ISOB Investors Database is fast and easy.  

     Why use ISOB to invest in companies ?
    • Unique Investment Opportunities Database - An array of investment opportunities in startups and high growth companies. All business opportunities listed on the site  have undergone a screening process and all have met the ISOB's preconditions for uploading a business opportunity on the site as determined by the ISOB Investment Committee.(For ISOB preconditions click here).
    • Join the ISOB Investors Community - Enjoy the opportunity to invest a relatively small amount of money under contractual terms which is normally the prerogative of institutional investors.
    • Diversification – Investors can choose and build their own diversified portfolio composed of selected startups and invest amounts according to the investor's preferences
    • A fast, targeted, efficient, comprehensive and cost-saving investment process
      Early preparation of the private placement information and documents as well as the review of the opportunity by professional experts, when available,  help investors to focus on evaluating and analyzing the investment opportunity and the risk / reward associated with the investment rather than on spotting investment opportunities and collecting data for each investment opportunity.
    • Increasing the marketability of the investment for the investor - The ISOB buyers / sellers database  enables existing shareholders, managers and employees holding interests in an enterprise registered on the Site to connect with investors registered on the site interested to purchase such interests and negotiate a transaction.  
    • Safeguarding pre-closing investors funds - Investors' funds are kept in a special escrow account. The funds are transferred to the company raising capital upon closing and against registration and transfer of ownership documents to investors. In the event that the full Fundraising Target is not reached - the investment opportunity is canceled and the money is refunded to the investors.​
    • Transparency and supervision –  Investors have access to information on companies listed for raising capital, potential investors can engage with entrepreneurs  and companies raising capital before making their decision to invest. In addition presenting companies are required to commit, under the investment agreement, to reporting standards to the investors following the closing.

    Who can register as an investor on ISOB ?

    Investing in or trading stakes of enterprises listed on the ISOB site is subject to the provisions of the Israeli Securities Law. The registration as an investor on the site is intended for people of means who wish to invest in startups and fast growing companies, who comply with one or more of the definitions of the First Schedule of the Israeli Security Law 5728 (1968)("Accredited Investor"**) who are aware of and understand that they are investing in a high risk investment and in a high risk sector. Investors should take into consideration that these investments entails a high level of risk and carries the possibility of high yield as well as the chance of losing the full investment. If you don't comply with the definition please click here.