•  Investors bare no costs
    • Registration for Investors is free of charge and at no obligation.
    • The Investors share in the enterprise is based on the full amount invested by the Investors.
    • The enterprise raising the capital pays ISOB's success fees.

     For the enterprise raising capital- ISOB's fee is payable only upon closing.

    1. Prior to the capital raising closing.
    • Enterprises applying for fundraising must pay registration fees of NIS 500 plus V.A.T to ISOB, upon submission of their application,payable by credit card.
    • The enterprise uses its service providers and legal advisers for preparing the "Enterprise Business Profile" and the "Capital Raising Documents". 

    2. Upon Closing.
    • ISOB charges a success fee of 6% plus V.A.T of the amount raised by the enterprise.
    • The Enterprise will grant ISOB warrants exercisable into shares of the enterprise under the same terms and warrants granted to the Investors in the capital fundraising. The warrants will constitute 20% of the warrants granted to the Investors (not from the shares), if granted.