• ISOB's innovative platform enables private Israeli companies to raise capital using a fast, efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective process. The ISOB website is a hub of a wide range of unique business opportunities which are prescreened before they are made accessible to registered investors wishing to invest in startups and high growth companies.
    ISOB is Israel's first website that provides private companies with ISOB underwriting* in order to complete the capital raising process from investors registered on the site. The site also enables holders of shares and interests in a company including managers and employees to be exposed to investors listed on the site directly for the sale / purchase of their stakes in the company.
    Companies listed on the ISOB platform are private companies - Israeli startups which develop or produce an innovative product in demand or a product or a service suitable for a large potential market and which meet ISOB's preconditions.

    The pioneering "ISOB underwriting"*  of private placements for Israeli startups.
    • A company wishing to raise capital must state the predetermined minimum amount it intends to raise (the "Fundraising Target") and the minimum amount to be raised from the investors (lower than the Fundraising Target) which, when reached will activate the ISOB underwriting commitment  (the "ISOB Underwriting  threshold").
    • If the total capital raising commitments are lower than the "Fundraising Target", then the startup’s capital raising will be canceled and any amount already paid will be returned to the investors.
    • If the total capital raising commitments from investors are higher than the "ISOB underwriting threshold", then the ISOB underwriting commitment will be activated and ISOB will invest the difference (as agreed)  between the Fundraising Target and the total capital raising commitments from the investors and the startup’s capital raising will be declared completed (the ISOB underwriting"*).
    Why raise capital and enlist investors through ISOB ? 
    • The ISOB underwriting* scheme – whereby ISOB will commit to bridge the gap (as agreed upon) between the Fundraising Target and the actual funds committed by investors in the capital raising (“the last mile to funding”).
    • Raising capital from registered Accredited Investors – Addressing targeted potential investors registered on ISOB who are focused on and active in investing and supporting startups and high growth companies.
    • Simple and fast – ISOB provides an effective and comprehensive process, targeted to raise capital directly from registered investors.
    • Increasing marketability to shareholders – the ISOB platform for sellers/buyers of stakes.
    • Experience and expertise – Entrepreneurs can obtain assistance from senior consultants and mentors to prepare them to go ahead with capital raising and business endeavors.
    • Efficiency and maximum availability – Startups can contact registered investors, experts and potential business partners directly on the ISOB platform.
    • Increasing exposure – To potential investors, mentors and business partners.
    • Cost savings – ISOB’s methodology, process and applicable documentation for raising capital enable support and services by professional experts in a cost-effective way.
    * The "ISOB underwriting"  services as provided by ISOB to private companies in Israel, and not underwriting* as defined under the Securities Law.

    ISOB makes the process of finding investors and investment opportunities simpler and  more feasible then ever.

    After onsite registration and compliance with the minimum requirements set by ISOB, a startup can initiate the process of raising capital with the help of professional consultants. This include the preparation of a summary of the company's operations, a business plan and a description of the business opportunity that will be presented to investors registered on the site. In addition, a detailed outline as well as draft agreements must be drafted and adjusted to company's special needs and demands. All these documents must be presented to the offerees.
    To ensure reaching the Fundraising Target ISOB allows any company registered on its site to opt for "ISOB underwriting". This is ISOB’s commitment to Invest the difference (as agreed) between the fundraising goal and the actual funds committed by investors in the capital raising (“the last mile to funding”).

    Assistance throughout the process.

    ISOB assists companies in preparing their capital raising and helps them to connect with suitable mentors and business partners to speed up and streamline the investment and capital raising process and enhance business development. To speed up and streamline the investment and capital raising process, ISOB provides an easy process for finding and screening companies seeking to raise capital. ISOB also requires enterprises registered on the site to use professionals in order to ensure full transparency and full disclosure. ISOB helps with finalizing the investment agreement and assists with the appointment of the investors’ representative to complete the process and to set up a mechanism for reporting to investors.

    Who can register for capital raising on the site ?

    Any Israeli startup or high-growth opportunity can register on the ISOB Site (subject to statutory provisions, and ISOB's decision), and can apply to be registered as an investment opportunity on the site in order to identify potential investors, mentors or business partners. ISOB is looking for companies that have a mix of  talented team, offering innovative product or solution, targeting a large market and financial feasibility of the investment.
    Once the IBOS Investment Committee has approved a company which meets its preconditions, that company will be included on the site for investors to view and can launch its fundraising campaign of raising capital from registered investors.
    Companies registered on the ISOB Site which have completed the capital raising process, may allow stakeholders (including employees) to sell / buy their shares and interest in the company through the ISOB platform free of charge.