ISOB provides the last mile to funding. 
 The pioneering online platform which enables the "ISOB underwriting*" of private placement for Israeli startups and private companies.  
  • Who are we ?

    ISOB was founded by a team of professionals lead by Ben Zion Israel. As veterans in the industry, we have in-depth knowledge, experience and savvy in the Israeli capital market, in the setup and management of a venture capital fund, an underwriting company and credit rating agency, as well as with managing startups and fast-growing companies. We have extensive experience in raising capital through private placements, mergers and acquisitions, buying and selling of companies and floating them on the stock markets in Israel and abroad. ISOB's Investment Committee consists of an interdisciplinary team of business, technology and financing experts.

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    The ISOB platform is designed to enable Israeli startups and high growth companies to raise capital from registered Accredited Investors**. ISOB presents an array of unique business opportunities for registered Accredited Investors interested to invest in startups.

    "We provide ventures raising capital the last mile to funding"

    The pioneering "ISOB underwriting"*  of private placements for Israeli startups.
    • A company wishing to raise capital must state the predetermined minimum amount it intends to raise (the "Fundraising Target") and the minimum amount to be raised from the investors (lower than the Fundraising Target) which, when reached will activate the ISOB underwriting commitment  (the "ISOB Underwriting  threshold").
    • If the total capital raising commitments are lower than the "Fundraising Target", then the startup’s capital raising will be canceled and any amount already paid will be returned to the investors.
    • If the total capital raising commitments from investors are higher than the "ISOB underwriting threshold", then the ISOB underwriting commitment will be activated and ISOB will invest the difference (as agreed) between the Fundraising Target and the total capital raising commitments from the investors and the startup’s capital raising will be declared completed (the ISOB underwriting"*).

    Mentors and introduction to business partners
    We believe that creating and managing business partnerships is crucial for the success of a business venture. The ISOB site enables startups to find and engage senior mentors as well as connect with potential business partners to enhance their business development.
    Increasing the marketability of shareholders stakes
    The ISOB buying and selling platform enables stakeholders in business enterprises registered on the Site, which are interested in selling their holdings, to connect directly with registered investors wishing to buy their stake in the enterprise, thereby increasing the marketability and value of the shares.
    ISOB is the ideal platform for raising capital and investing in Israeli startups and high growth companies.

    Benefits include:
    • Structured, fast and effective process for raising capital, directly from ISOB's registered investors and at a reasonable cost.
    • The ISOB underwriting* scheme, enabling the last mile to funding. 
    • Introduction to business mentors for leveraging the business potential of each startup as well as increasing transparency.
    • All business opportunities listed on the Site underwent a screening process and all meet ISOB's preconditions, for uploading a business opportunity onto the site, as determined by the ISOB Investment Committee. For ISOB's preconditions press here.
    • The ISOB platform for selling and buying securities and interests in entities from the company's shareholders, which increases marketability and value for stakeholders.
    • Become part of the ISOB's network of business partnerships and professional expert services - our ISOB Community.
    What makes us unique?
    We are a group of professionals with many years or experience in the management of venture capital, managing startups and fast-growing companies, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, from the fields of marketing, technology, economics and law. Together, we have built efficient and simple processes for raising capital and investing in startups while providing the registered investors the opportunity to conduct their own due diligence and review in order to make an informed decision.
    ISOB provides a structured process for finding and screening Israeli companies interested in raising capital from registered investors. ISOB requires companies presenting themselves for raising capital to commit to use professional consultants, and provide full disclosure and transparency during the process. Presenting companies must also commit in the investment agreement to appoint a trustee for of the capital raising closing and commit for reporting standards to the investors afterwards. ISOB supports the startups through the capital raising process and provides them opportunities to scout and connect with mentors and business partners to accelerate their business.
    These processes enable startups to raise capital efficiently and at reasonable costs. Registered investors can scrutinize the investment opportunity, make their informed decision quickly and reach an agreement to invest in the venture.


    Management team

    Ben Zion Israel - Partner, CEO and member of ISOB's investment committee.
    Ben Zion served as a Managing Partner and Deputy CEO of the public venture capital fund "Sadot Research and Development Fund Ltd " in which he managed and led investments  in more than twenty start-ups and headed the listing of "Sadot" on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). He also served as Deputy CEO, in charge of M&A and CFO of the public companies Inspire Investments Ltd and Ocif Investments and Development Ltd. (and was one of its founders) which invested in the finance, technology, manufacturing and real estate sectors. He Initiated and headed IPO's, secondary fundraising, private placements, M&A and sale of holdings (exits) in companies. Ben Zion currently owns a business-consulting firm and serves as Chairman of the Audit Committee and board member of "U Bank Ltd" belonging to the First International Bank Group.



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