We provide the "Last mile to funding" - Underwriting* private placements for Israeli startups. 
ISOB Connects between Israeli Startups, Angel Investors and mentors for fundraising and creating a marketplace.
       This site is intended for registered investors, who comply with one or more of the definitions of the First Schedule of the Israeli Securities Law 5728 (1968) ("Accredited Investors").
If you do not comply with the definition, please click here.

The ISOB site is a unique Internet based platform which connects promising Israeli startups and high growth companies with Accredited Investors **, mentors and business partners for the purpose of raising capital, business development and enhancement, and enabling peer-to-peer transactions for buying/selling stake in startups


Raising capital for Israeli Startups and high growth companies
The ISOB site facilitates a capital raising "fast track" for startups and pre-IPO companies in a structured, efficient, short and low-cost process. Companies can raise capital directly from the potential Investors registered on the site and engage mentors to enhance the execution of their business strategy.  
For the first time in Israel: ISOB offers the " ISOB underwriting" * of private placements for startups.


Unique investment opportunities for registered investors
The ISOB site enables access to a variety of unique investment opportunities in exciting startups and high growth companies raising capital for growth. Each investment opportunity on the site is evaluated and pre-screened. Registered Accredited Investors**  can review the investment opportunities, in a comprehensive and fast process, free of charge. The ISOB platform allows registered investors to invest relatively small amounts of money and create their own diversified investment portfolio with top-notch private companies – under the same contractual terms which traditionally only major investors enjoy. To view investment opportunities, you need to register on the ISOB Site and declare that you are an Accredited Investor**. Registration for investors is free of charge and at no obligation.

The ISOB Site is solely intended for registered investors who comply with one or more of the definitions of  the first  Schedule of the Israeli Securities  Law 5728 (1968), (Accredited Investors). If you don’t comply with the definition please  click here. 



Mentors and Business Partners 
A startup or a high growth company can improve and raise its value significantly by engaging a suitable business mentor and by professionally managing its business development. Therefore, any startup raising capital through ISOB has the opportunity to opt for professional guidance from a business mentor. The ISOB platform enables enterprises to find business mentors and connect and forge cooperation between a company registered on the Site and external business entity, either openly or confidentially via the site.


Selling and Buying stakes in private companies
The ISOB platform for selling and buying stakes in Israeli startups and high growth companies, increases the marketability of interests in private companies. It enables existing shareholders, managers and employees, holding interests in an enterprise registered on the Site, to connect with registered investors, and negotiate for closing a transaction.